Whole-30 challenge idea 2019
I am so sure you made a few plans at the beginning of the year but if you are looking for a plan that will get you hitting your goals this year, this month, here is a few thing you can try to reset your habits and...
Black Girl to Living In Budapest

FAQs of Every Black Girl In Budapest|Here Is A Guide To Find Things

Wait ... Before you scroll down, bookmark this post. There have been many questions coming my way from...

Tough It Up Girl!

PRESSING PLAY- Storytelling I remember when I was in high school, around 20 kilos overweight, I loved...
Asia Center Budapest - Blog

What To Do Or Not To Do At The Asia Center Budapest

Visit the Asia Center Budapest and get all the bargains you can possibly imagine. Direction to the Asia Center Included.
Clinic from your kitchen-

Natural Remedies From Your Personal Clinic|Your Kitchen

Ever heard the saying "you are what you eat?" then you probably understand why the kitchen is mostly important to maintain good...

Tough It Up Girl!!

giving you the motivation to get started on your fitness journey, You will stumble along the way but the goal is to finish, love yourself and love your body.
pom-pom natural cosmetics-

Pom-Pom Natural Cosmetics Vegan Skincare Made In Hungary | Budapest

Checkout this all natural Vegan skincare brand made in Hungary - POM-POM kézzel készített prémium natúr kozmetikumok

How to Care For Your Natural Nails Without Visiting a Salon

Visiting the salon on a regular basis in order to have beautiful nails can be both challenging and most times expensive. The combination of...
Nice to meet you, i'm Precious, Health & Beauty enthusiast by passion... Precious Is a very positive lady, she loves handmade soaps and natural products that redefines beauty, she loves flowers and is exploring the beauty world in her new city Budapest . . .

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