How long have you had that lipstick or lotion? Do you know when it expires? What if there's no printed dates? Do you understand the symbols? Can you use the item after the expiration? A few days ago I borrowed a hand lotion...

Tough It Up Girl!!

giving you the motivation to get started on your fitness journey, You will stumble along the way but the goal is to finish, love yourself and love your body.

Probiotics : The Good, The Bad and The Untold

What do you already know about Probiotics?Probiotics are living bacteria and yeasts, they provide us with health benefits, usually we can consumed...
pom-pom natural cosmetics-

Pom-Pom Natural Cosmetics Vegan Skincare Made In Hungary | Budapest

Checkout this all natural Vegan skincare brand made in Hungary - POM-POM kézzel készített prémium natúr kozmetikumok

How to Find the Perfect Blush for Your Skin Tone

One of the things in Makeup that women of color often find difficult to maneuver apart from concealers is blush. It is a little difficult...

10 Quick Natural Hairstyles for Short Hair | 5 Mins Fix | 4C Hair

Every now and then we have those days wher we are unsure what to do to our hair, perhaps after taking down...

A Few Things Friends Want to Know About Afro/Nappy Hair

a few thing you want to know about black hair and its magic, nappy, afro natural hair.

How To Eat Your Way To Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin begins from within, start consuming this few things to promote healthy glowing skin
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