10 Most Affordable Beauty Basics to Buy Right Now


    Cuticle Trimmer

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    Beautiful nails can be a hell of a task for some people but there are many tools that can make this easy and increase the chances of a well groomed look.
    This small tool is designed for precision and does a good job in trimmer the hard dead cuticle making your nails looks tender and smooth. If you don’t have one now is the time to visit the nearest beauty or drugstore.

    Fro Comb

    This piece here is KING, ruling our lives since the inception of Afro Hair. First emerged in the 1950s as a style not a natural phenomenon as Black / AFRO the hair needs to be cut in a certain way and maintained with a pik or comb and it has reigned since then, today there are a hundred different styles and materials like metal teeth, wooden, plastic, with a fist handle or a crown, the designs are evolving but the use has not changed. This comb finds its way through the thickest fro and delivers.

    Magnifying Mirror 10x

    I think everyone needs a 10x magnifying glass on the dressing table or in the bathroom. It helps you get correct precision in your grooming. For makeup, shaving or even wearing a contact lens.
    It does needs a couple of seconds to settle with the eyes or you need to look from a certain angle or distance otherwise it appears blurry but afterwards it can show you even the tiniest pore or hair strand on your face.

    Blackhead Silk Finger Ball

    This balls are made from 100% natural cocoons (Sericin-Silk Protein) 100% , it claims to be hypoallergenic and helps to exfoliate blackheads around the nose and mouth area. It is easy to use, and it sure rids at least 50% of black heads and excess sebum in one use. No harm in trying this.

    Jade Roller

    The Jade stone roller is the real blast from the past. This stone has been used by many in ancient times including Cleopatra the Egyptian Queen of Beauty. The naturally cool properties of jade were used to aid with muscle relief in massage, reduce inflammation and puffiness of the skin, reduce the appearance of under eye circles, stimulating the lymphatic system and blood circulation, brightening complexion, tightening pores & even reducing appearance of wrinkles… what more can you ask for… Excluding the other benefits of the stone in balancing emotions etc.it is a handy beauty tool.

    Cleansing Spin Brush

    The cleansing Spin brush is an easy way to rid your skin of dirt and dead skin while deep cleansing your pores, it does have a pro but also the cons will be not knowing when to use this and if your skin is comfortable with the amount of friction it provides. Well if you reached the point that you really understand your skin then surely you should try this.
    NOTE: Spin brushes or any type of brush should never be used on inflamed skin, it only aggravates the situation.

    Foundation Brush

    Every MUA knows that it not just the type of foundation used that matters but also the way it is blended, so a good foundation brush is a necessity in your beauty collection.
    Some foundation brushes are even more expensive than the foundations itself. The brushes come in various shapes and styles so go find what works for you.

    Electric Silicone Scrubber

    Just like the spin brush, the electric silicone scrubber deep cleanses the skin and aids a radiant glowing skin, it is also much more gently because it is made with silicon and not tough bristles like its counterpart, it’s small and handy and can reach into corners. It is advisable to use these brushes only twice a week.

    Silk Hair Bonnet

    Wearing a bonnet or tying a scarf before bed does not only keep your hairstyles in place but also protect your hair, retains moisture and prevent breakage. There is a chance that you might mistake a polyester satin for silk because that is cheaper and readily available but don’t worry it won’t stripe your hair off its moisture.

    Lash Curler

    This tool has been getting some real good recommendation of late, MUA and other beauty experts have found more fun ways to use the lash curler, not just to roll your lashes upwards but it has been used to apply eyeliners too. If your lashes doesn’t like to corporate with you even with the mascaras then this is for you.