11 Most Embarrassing Gym Moments


hahahaha… this post must resonate with most of us trying to get fit. Some of the most awkward gym moments that literally everyone has been in.

Someone Just Farted in Yoga Class

That awkward gym moment when the someone accidentally lets out gas due to the crunches and bending, as the smell diffuses through the room everyone is left wondering “who did that?” hahaha

Falling Off The Treadmill

That awkward moment when you loose focus because you where scrolling through Instagram and you slide down with the treadmill – I guess it’s time to leave and avoid the stare… as you go you can feel your body still moving forward…

Locker Room And Bare Bodies

Ramona Valerie Alb

oh my goodness! that awkward moment you walk into the locker room and BAM!!! It’s like the garden of Eden – Is there a rule somewhere that at the gym everyone must show themselves or the social rule of clothing don’t apply in there. Men is this the same in the Men’s Locker Room?

Pretending Not To Smell The Body Odor From The Next Person

First let me say – Please always shower if possible before a gym session and after. Now that awkward gym moment where your neighbor is running profusely on the treadmill in a bid to showoff and you can’t even notice because you are dying silently from the stench that even your flavored water taste sour.

Period Came At The Wrong Time

Ladies…  I hope it never happened to you because it will be the most embarrassing moment of your gym life. True story – a friend had this awkward moment and she could not return to the gym for months and guys please don’t laugh when this kind of things happen, sometimes it is out of our control. Be Kind.

Opps! You Didn’t Realize Your Active Wear Was See Through

Have you ever been in a class and the instructor/neighbor has a nice pair of leggings but never realized it is completely see through and for every bend or squat it’s even worse… That awkward gym moment …

or when the skin tight rips … Opps! Nooooo

Squats Gone South

That awkward moment where you start to squat, then you get up and walk around with a camel toe unknowingly or you constantly have people staring at you doing squats. I don’t know why the squats brings so much attention, why not planks or crunches??

All Your Movement Seems To Be Later Than The Rest Of The Class

That awkward moments during the gym classes where it seems you are the only one not catching the moves, the instructor slows down so you could get in sync but you already lost rhythm and can’t seem to find your way back…Now everyone is looking at you through the mirror but avoiding the eye contact. hehehe

Sweaty Smelly Pits

That awkward moment when you forget to wear a deodorant and you are perhaps wearing a sleeveless gym top… The sweats won’t stop so you have to keep stylishly smelling your armpits to make sure everything is cool. Raise your hand if you ever witnessed or did this…

Sweaty Butt Mark

That awkward moment when you use a gym equipment and the moment you get up you have a huge sweat butt mark on the seat, plus when you have sweat rolling down the wrong places and it is looking like you couldn’t go to the bathroom so you did it on the go….lol

Getting To The Gym and Forgetting To Pack A Gym Bra

hmm deep breath*** This is the the worst awkward moment for any lady, regardless of the cup size. Forgetting to pack a gym bra for me means no exercise because I just can’t. I tried this sometime ago when i forget to pack my gym bra, I thought well I have a normal bra on so i will just use this and my gym wear – bad decision, I couldn’t jump, or make certain moves, half the time I had my hands holding my chest – Safety measure especially if you are in a unisex gym.
So please, if you forget your gym bra, just accept your fate, go home and do some stretches there.

Anyone can have a six pack… hahaha

I will like to know that awkward moment for you, write in the comment box below. Tschuss!!!