4 Possible Mistakes Tea Lovers Make


Tea can be beneficial in many ways, from helping the body relax to giving a burst of energy and If you are a regular tea drinker you have most likely brewed your tea the usual way, by boiling water and pouring it over the tea in a bag or in an infuser and then you allowed it to steep for a period of time with the hope of collecting all the richness of your tea but you may have been making a few mistakes with your favorite cup of tea.

1. Over Steeping

It can be a tricky game because different tea can produce different taste per second as they steep, one suggestion is tasting your tea every 30 seconds to find what your taste buds appreciates (watch out it might be too hot for that) , but brewing the perfect cup of tea requires that we maintain the steep time to be more than 1 minute but not up to 5 minutes, so a safe number would be between 2-3 minutes. Long steeping can produce a bitter tasting tea and it does not give the best results of any kind of tea, some studies have shown it that it may

2. Drinking Tea Brewed Overnight

Oh No! I made a nice cup of tea to help unwind the day but forgot about it and I fell asleep, is it safe to drink the tea from last night?
This is probably most of us some nights with the same question the next day, to be plain and simple the best answer for this question ~Is it safe to drink tea brewed overnight is No, with many reasons but in a more complex answer, this will be dependent on a few factors including the type of Tea, the method used in brewing, the exposure or the place the tea was left open because all of these can affect the compound of the tea, the antioxidants, leaving it open can promote the growth of coliform bacteria, mostly Enterobacter and Klebsiella, the growth of E.coli is a possibility and these can make you sick. Generally, no one likes the taste of old tea, some can be metallic depending on the water used and tea brewed in addition, it is not advisable reheat tea in the microwave. Polyphenolic antioxidants which supports the body against diabetes, liver problems, depression will be depleted in overnight or reheated tea.

Freshly brewed perfect cup

3. Squeezing Teabags

Getting that last drop of goodness from the teabag might feel like the right thing to do, but that last drop might be all you need to change the composition of your tea. Tea bags are made from Abaca or other natural fibers but some paper bags can contain Epichlorohydrin which is a chemical compound that is soluble in water, which means this can be dissolved into your cup of tea. According to the largest producers of this compound ~ Dow Chemicals, Epichlorohydrin is a dangerous substance and while tested on animals in laboratory, it has shown to cause cancer.

Secondly, even if teabags are made of natural materials they may still need a sealing or binding substance for the bags and then comes some plastic. Avoid this by buying quality tea, cheap tea can come with a huge price. Some research has shown that the tea with the most unknown shrubs and contaminants came with the lowest price tags.

4. Too Much Tea

Tea is also a source of caffeine but in a much lesser quantity that the counterpart coffee, but because so many people are dependent on this stimulant to have a smooth day there is cause for worry. Having to many cups of tea a day may not be great for your health in the nearest future.

Side effects may include: headaches, anxiety, sleep disorder, issues in digestives system because some tea are stronger than other 3-4 cups of tea a day would suffice and help the body stay in a good condition. Studies published in the European Journal of Epidemiology advises that consuming 3 cups of quality tea a day can reduce by 24% mortality rate, 26% deaths due to cardiac issues and 27% the risk of coronary heart disease.

As a bonus to this read, here are a few Tea Houses in Budapest if you feel the urge to get some tea as the cold weathers approach.

Flying Bird Tea House
Address: Frankel Leó út 6, 1027 Budapest

Demmers Teahouse
Address: Nagysándor József u. 3, 1054 Budaqpest

Levél Teaház
Bihari János utca 17, 1055 Budapest

Vaci utca 65, 1056 Budapest

Red Lion Tea House
Jókai tér 8. 1061 Budapest

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