5 Reasons Why You Should Try This Oil For Your Hair


After so much trial and error, I have found an easy recipe that delivers on the job of growing my hair. We have all heard this problem at some point, worrying about our hair not growing… perhaps you have tried a lot of things and still no joy, i invite you to make this oil yourself at home and give it a try.
The growth oil is made of just 3 ingredients (Extra Virgin Olive oil, Avocado and Carrots) all of which are edible and can also be used for the skin, this DIY is simple but a combination of this 3 items works a miracle. Here is a few reasons why you should use this:


With this you know what goes into hair, remembering that everything you apply on your body can find a way in. Now you can keep track and be careful, you do not have to worry about those big chemical names and no preservatives needed. All Natural.


Olive oil is not only good for your food but it is amazing for skin and hair too, If you’re struggling with unruly, dry or unhealthy hair then this should be your BFF, it helps in reducing dandruff, sorts your split ends, softens and makes the hair manageable, just be sure to buy EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL ***Never buy POMACE oil*** that’s is just trash oil even for food.


With Avocados you can’t go wrong, It promotes growth, moisturizes, prevents hair loss. They can also be used to improve the condition and texture of your hair. in all it gives a whole new kind of vitality to your hair, avocados are high in vitamins B and E and because Vitamin deficiency can cause hair loss or hair to grow slowly, this is helpful. See the end of video for Hair Mask recipe


If you thought that Carrots where only good for your salad and fitfam then you are WRONG! Carrots actually contains high amounts of beta-carotene, antioxidants, minerals and vitamin A. Carrots offer numerous health benefits to the body and the hair is not left out. Carrots helps in fighting hair loss, The mineral phosphorus and magnesium, plus vitamins B, C, E, found in carrots improve the circulation of blood in your scalp, making your hair thicker, shinier, longer and stronger.


If by now you are not convinced that this recipe will work on your hair wait a little… These natural foods not only promotes a healthy hair but it can add to improving your health, reducing the chemicals that is allowed into your hair shafts and into your bloodstream, It won’t interfere with the scalp’s natural pH balance, you can use this at any time, before wash, protective styles, after wash etc, it is rich in natural antioxidants so it can also protect your hair and this is better for the environment.

See video below for process on how to make this DIY Hair growth oil plus bonus Hair mask recipe at the end.


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