Hello there, Welcome to BHB Blog. This is me Precious Obioyen and I will be sharing insights on some real life skincare, hair and body experience, with thorough reviews and true stories. as I discover beauty all over the world. I have a degree in Microbiology and another in eHealth & Telemedicine, Beauty Enthusiast by passion. I love what I do and how I can balance my work life with blogging, vlogging, volunteering or just joining a theater group… Amazing right …

I enjoy formulating organic skincare products and it all started with just making coconut oil and my love for learning about new ways to improve health and getting flawless glowing skin.  I founded a natural beauty brand: Boon Health & Beauty based on this, soon to be a house hold name….Soon*

I have hosted several skincare challenges and routine creation workshops to help others create a consistent skincare routine that works for their skin, this also helps me stay steady in my regimen, and also I co-started the beauty Facebook group Black Girl Hair Budapest.

I love to share my skin, hair and wellness journey, new findings and relatable struggles, you can learn from. If it is not helpful then It won’t be on my blog. I like natural remedies and DIY’s, I am always looking around for new natural beauty products and brands with amazing skin, hair and body products that work. If you like beauty on a budget then stay with me as I will be finding all the different ways you can stay pretty without the splurge.

I hope you enjoy the blog and have fun reading and sharing as much as I have writing in details to you.

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