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Coronavirus COVID-19
CoronaVirus Pandemic and The Silver Lining Basic habits to get through you through this period
What is SLS? (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
Many of us have heard or read that the following ingredients in our beauty products are not good and should be avoided but do we know what they are and the effects? I didn't until I started to research them and also read a lot of papers,...
How to make Lavender Oil - Boon health and beauty
It's Lavender season and we are loving it... Before the rich purple colors starts to fade away, visit a lavender garden and gather some fresh flowers. You can make a whole lot of beauty things from this flowers, including Balms, oil, soaps...
After so much trial and error, I have found an easy recipe that delivers on the job of growing my hair. We have all heard this problem at some point, worrying about our hair not growing... perhaps you have tried a lot of things and still no...
Glamour Napok vs Joy Napok Just because we love a discount... here is another discount coupon almost as popular as the Glamour Napok Kupon but with even more discount. yep! The Joy Napok Kuponok Offers discounts from 10 % - 70% off in its 430 kupons that you...
FAQs of Black Girls Living in Budapest
Click Here for Part 1... Still on finding African food in Budapest... There are other places that make and sell African food, there is a Cameroonian place off Erzebert Körút, there is an Ethiopian place I stumbled on this one from google.
Black Girl to Living In Budapest
Wait ... Before you scroll down, bookmark this post. There have been many questions coming my way from ladies even men living in Budapest, most of which are beauty related, others are lifestyle, how to handle the change of weather, how difficult is...
Asia Center Budapest - Boonhealthandbeauty.com Blog
Visit the Asia Center Budapest and get all the bargains you can possibly imagine. Direction to the Asia Center Included.
pom-pom natural cosmetics- Boonhealthandbeauty.com
Checkout this all natural Vegan skincare brand made in Hungary - POM-POM kézzel készített prémium natúr kozmetikumok
Whole-30 challenge idea 2019
I am so sure you made a few plans at the beginning of the year but if you are looking for a plan that will get you hitting your goals this year, this month, here is a few thing you can try to reset your habits and...

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