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What are BHAs? Beta Hydroxy Acids are also a class of compounds that function as chemical exfoliants in skincare. Similar to the AHAs, Beta Hydroxy acids dissolve the dead skin cells as it deeply exfoliates, and unclogs the pores. BHAs target the excess...
As we get more health conscious and aware of some notorious chemicals in our beauty items, it is important that we know how to accurately read and understand the labels or perhaps just know the important points to take with you on your next beauty shopping. Here...
Boon Health and Beauty alpha hydroxy acid
Alpha-Hydroxy Acids are chemical exfoliants that peel the surface of the skin making it look more even, brighter and better textured. it does this by loosening the bonds between skin cells. The most popular of this acid is the glycolic acid. It is general safe to use but it is important to pay attention to the concentration and overuse.

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