CoronaVirus Pandemic and The Silver Lining

Coronavirus COVID-19
Coronavirus COVID-19

Stay Home, Self Isolate, Social Distancing, Quarantine and all the precautions for the corona virus COVID-19 has fully become the order of the day, which has turned to weeks then months and while for many people the home office felt like nothing new, even I was initially very excited that I can have some solitude in such a distracting time while being able to work at my best. Guess what? After a few days I began to question my reality, Ooh No!

There are a few things that suffer or are lost when you are away from that office environment, be it a cubicle setting or a personalized space, there is some kind of stimuli that is found within that workspace that cannot be gotten while working in isolation. Creativity may be dimmed as not much is challenging you. Well after much thought and reconsideration I started to see the silver lining beneath the cloud of COVID-19.

The two main realization is that the :

  • Corona Virus COVID-19 is not going anywhere anytime soon, it’s our new world reality and it will change everything from what we used to know.
  • It is time to form new habits.

Sincerely, I sympathize with workers whose jobs require daily physical presence or entrepreneurs and business men/women whose daily income and possibly livelihood could be truncated by this pandemic but while you stay home, get creative, get innovative, ask your kids, nephews and nieces to digitalize your business, if you don’t have the know how, prepare well for when this pandemic is over things will not be the same.

To be able to acclimate quickly to the new work life, it is best not to change your daily routine if you already had one and to inculcate some good habits especially Discipline, Time Management and Proper Planning/Scheduling.

There is no travel time to work, no distracting or annoying colleagues but within your home there might be many other things that can get you less productive, Here is a few things that is helping me get through this period:

  • A Routine : Yes, wake up and take a shower pleaseee!… this sounds like nothing but I bet many people working from home will get lazy to do the basics. Don’t change this because it will affect your whole day. Wake up, Pray, make your bed, meditate, have a cup of tea, open the blinds and let in some fresh air, exercise, shower, get dressed ~ wear your finest piece, brush your hair, then go to that desk and make yourself some moneyyyyy… I hope you get the vibe.
  • Alarms : No matter how diligent I try to be with my schedule, my alarms are the main warriors, I have an alarm set for almost everything like even asking myself to refocus in the middle of the day… hahaha
    Now with home office its not an exception, as a matter of fact i need more alarms set in place.

    Press Play >>>>>>

    Notice that I don’t have many alarms for Sundays. *Wink that is my special day, lesser alarms so i can rest more.
  • Be Clear about Working hours : Most especially if you live with family and friends, Make them aware of your home office hours so they help you with no distractions and If possible pretend not to be home.
  • Stay Away From The Kitchen : Based on feedback and personal experience, the pantry and fridge are the most favorite place when you stay home. oh dear! I don’t want to come out of this looking like Garfield so I had to put in measures to stop myself. psss! I drink tea when I feel like snacking.
  • Stay In Touch Mentally : The home office is one thing but the reason behind it is another and the news from all over the world about this pandemic can be disturbing, Try not worry too much, If you are religious Pray and take all precautions, don’t let the cabin fever become an actual fever.
  • Try New Things : In a bid to stay woke and not get bored I’m taking up Pen Paling so if you are open to writing me letters about anything, perhaps I can blog them anonymously > Email : with Subject PenPal, You can provide your name if you want to be mentioned.
    You can also try online games that allows you play with others remotely or take an online course, there are free courses on and many other sites.
  • Check in with Others : By all means enjoy your time but to avoid feeling isolated I highly recommend you check in with your colleagues and boss at least 2 times during the day. Make contact with Family through video calls that way you can connect on a higher level than texting, now is that to keep that friend who listens to you closer.
  • Lastly Stay Active : Take breaks like you would usually do while in the office especially because it’s only the location that changed, you still have to work with a Monitor/PC and prolonged siting and staring at this devices can be harmful to your health, ergonomically you may not be using the right chair or you be laying in bed, again I encourage you to enjoy the freedom of space but stay active, dance, jump, stretch, sing, walk around the house and stay hydrated.

We will get passed this pandemic very soon. Keep your hope alive, don’t feel unnerved.

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