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We found yet another Brand to Watch that comes with a beautiful story and a fun layout – Introducing you to Geek & Gorgeous cosmetics.

On the brand to watch page, I am taking time to discover brands in wellness, health and beauty that are living up to their claims and are worth following and patronising…

Today we table G&G Cosmetics, a pro-science skincare brand and having a closer look, geek and gorgeous does not make so many claims but have displayed transparency by indicating the exact concentrations of their active ingredients.

Geek & Gorgeous 101

Geek & Gorgeous is a skin specialty brand with a range of products: chemical exfoliants with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, Beta Hydroxy Acids, Poly Hydroxy acids with other soothing and hydrating ingredients. Using Minimal amount of fluffs and additives: thus the products are mostly free from colours, perfumes, and alcohol.

One amazing thing to love in Geek and Gorgeous is the use of ingredients that are backed by science research to be effective for several skincare conditions.

G&G comes in a very simple package, easy to handle and with minimal designs

Price range: €€€ (Compared to a few circular brands)

The product clearly shows the concentration of active ingredient on the front labels but be careful not to overuse AHAs.

On the webpage you can see full range of products..


Geek and Gorgeous is founded by Judit Rácz and Péter Budaházy – (founder of the beauty business: and Hungarian beauty brand: Helia-D respectively). The brand idea was birth in 2015 after many years of working together professionally.

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