Glamour Napok Kupon Is Here Again


Anyone who likes a good discount from almost all brands and ranges of products will definitely know and look forward to the Glamour Days coupon. Twice a year you can get a massive discount on a lot of things by simply purchasing the Glamour Magazine in the edition of the Discount months (May and October), this months can change depending on other factors, for example this year 2020 there was no movement in May due to the lock down from COVID-19 so the glamour sales happened in June.

If you missed it in May here is a link to catchup: Glamour Napok Kupon May 2019 

Actually you definitely need to read the post above, it’s much more detailed than this…

There is a slight difference in the price this month edition of the Glamour magazine, it is usually sold for 1070 Hungarian forint (€3.17) but this month it is sold for 1299 Hungarian forint (€3.85) but you get 20% – 40% on products from Over 4000 stores.

The dates of these sales is 10th – 13th of the month but some stores like DM have an amazing strategy to begin a day early, so from 9th – 13th October. Usually the first few shoppers get the best of everything so prepare yourself and hit the shops early enough.

This months has a cover of beautiful Rita Ora who is getting quite famous In Budapest with her shoe line called Rita Ora Star Collection, you could not miss it, it is available in every Deichmann store

You can find this magazine in drugstores like DM, Müller, Rossmann but also in Grocery stores like Tesco, Auchan, underground metro newspaper shops and even in online store like EMAG also retail this magazine around this time.

You have been good this year so go grab a copy, make a List and go get a good discount.

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