How to Get Over Minor Depression During the CoVID Pandemic


Until recently, I had a “normal life” even with the CoVID pandemic. Normal life in a quote for me means working from home and taking my Master’s degree at the same time, it all felt regular and I didn’t miss the outside life nor feel the burnout like others. With my days planned out, I have 12-15 alarms and reminders for even as little as – make an ergonomics adjustment, I have sticky notes for visioning, etc. with all these it took me a while but eventually I caught up with the unwanted feeling of sadness, lack of energy, lack of interest in the things I enjoyed doing, sleep and appetite changes… Knowing that all of these are minor signs of depression, I could easily blame it on the Seasonal Affective Depression (SAD) that comes usually in the winter months but I thought again and remembered – it is not my first winter and I really never got under the weather like this so there must be other factors influencing my mood.

Yes, there was!

It was not so busy at work and I had finished my thesis and exams so I had very little brainwork going on and this led to that feeling of sadness and futility. Before I tell you how I overcame these minor depression, let’s acknowledge the many struggles of people all over the world today, though I see that there is still a shadow of a doubt about the virus in some places because weddings and parties are stilling happening ~ Shocking to see.

With the sudden hit of the virus, lifestyles had to change, routines had to be adjusted and for so many people it has been really hard, I went ahead and asked a few friends how they felt in these uncertain seasons, here is what they had to say;

Q: How are you coping with the Pandemic? 

A: I am doing just fine. I am an indoor person.

The stress of knowing people are still getting infected on a daily and people are still dying on a day-to-day basis from the coronavirus is hard to comprehend though.

Q: What has changed in your lifestyle?

A: I certainly watch more movies than before. I can’t go to the gym anymore, which is one of the things that took me out of the house. Before you ask, working out at home just doesn’t feel the same.

Q: How do you cope with work-life balance? 

A: I actually have more time to do personal things now. 

Q: What new thing did the pandemic make you do?

A: Bake, paint.

~ Tunde 

Q: How are you coping with the Pandemic?

A: I am already experiencing the Near-Miss syndrome having recovered from COVID-19 that is I am now in a passive mode.

Q: What has changed in your lifestyle? 

A: Really asides from wearing face masks when going out, working from home, and attending church service virtually nothing has changed.

Q: How do you cope with work-life balance? 

A: I am already used to this work from home situation, so it is not a strange thing for me. Everything has its time.

Q: What new thing did the pandemic make you do?

A: Nothing. The new things I have done, I would still have done them irrespective of the pandemic.

~ Justice 

Perhaps for you too, the pandemic may have had zero effect on your lifestyle, work, business, family, studies, etc. but it is important to maintain an established routine and avoid falling off as I did.
Here is how I managed to get myself out of the minor depression:

First I reported myself: No one will ever know what you are going through unless you speak up, so I told a friend how uneasy I have been feeling plus it is important to have a closed circle of people you can freely express yourself with.

–  Adjusted my routine: Since a few things have been completed on my schedule it makes sense to adjust the alarms, reminders and fill the space with other things.

Increased my rest time:  Short naps or longer sleep time has an amazing way of fixing our moods and brings clarity of thought, so I added an hour more at night and if possible during the day I stepped away from my PC and laid down (perks of the home office).

Intentional about personal care: So many things can go under personal care and it can be different for you, but pay attention to your mental health, physical health, and even basic hygiene. A simple shower can increase blood flow, lessen fatigue and ease aching muscles.

Stay engaged: Knowing what a lack of productive activity can do to me, it is wise to just stay engaged. There is a kind of boredom that just reading a book or watching a film cannot eliminate so pick up on any more interesting habits, practices, or get creative.

While I am back to normalcy again, I hope this helps you in this time of the pandemic.
Stay Safe!