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Glamour Napok vs Joy Napok

Just because we love a discount… here is another discount coupon almost as popular as the Glamour Napok Kupon but with even more discount. yep! The Joy Napok Kuponok Offers discounts from 10 % – 70% off in its 430 kupons that you can use in 2000 stores between 9th – 12th May, 2019. As usual the only thing that needs to be done is to purchase a Joy April edition magazine and inside the main book you can fine the all the coupons.

Now lets compare the Joy Kupons with the Glamour Kupons

  • In terms of percentage the Joy Kupon offers higher discounts but this varies between the brands and also the items.
  • Joy kupon is more leaned towards fashion and accessories rather than beauty and skincare, which is a plus for the glamour kupons.
  • In the Joy Kupon you will find a lot fancy brands and they seem to be very well selected.
  • Joy kupon also provides discount for medical/beauty treatments. For instance there is a 65% teeth whitening discount (From 169,000ft to 34,000ft) which is simply amazing so if you are interested in this feel free to pick up a Joy Magazine at the nearest Magazine store.
  • The Joy coupons are printed directly in the magazine and not an extra booklet like the Glamour coupons.
  • The magazine also has a couple of hint pages where you find style ideas and even DIYs.
  • For both kupons there is an online version but i am not able to find the process for the Joy Napok so perhaps it’s better to stick with offline.
Joy Napok Magazine

Get your list ready and go grab your discount, you can use the kupons with friends and family so be cheerful…

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