Must Haves: Oriental Perfumes You Can Wear All Seasons


Oriental fragrances, with their rich spines of spice, often come out during the fall months, when the temperature drops a few degrees and the layered clothing options become your go-to’s when leaving the house.

YSL – Black Opium

It’s an oldie but a goodie, who’s here to stay. it has a fresh, summery notes of bergamot, pear and iced coffee…hmmm… blended with sandalwood and vanilla for a perfect wintry concoction. One try and you will want to wear this in all the seasons to come, this is your new all-seasons scent.

There are plenty of Oriental perfumes which are light enough to wear any time of year, what to look for are scents that emphasize spice over sweetness.
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Judith Leiber – Night

Night is a rustic and sheer Oriental with a gorgeous opening of cinnamon and bergamot. is a rich, intense fragrance, glamorous and sensual too, it is called upon for elegance and night life opportunities. with a mixture of hot spices, sexy flowers, wood and oriental ingredients the scent opens with bergamot and cinnamon then fades to the softness of floral; blooming jasmine, lily, peony and the back blends of oriental amber, patchouli wood and incense… I really can’t give justice with my words but this is a go to for glamour and it’s a treat to wear on long casual strolls in the early evening.
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Armani Code – Profumo

Armani Code Profumo is the new fly. with the sweet notes of apple, orange blossom and nutmeg, this fresh and intense combo is perfect for summer getaways and winter time events, it has a smoky undertones of tonka bean and leather that makes it smell very appealing and sexy. What more can you ask for?
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Dolce & Gabbana – La Force 11

11 La Force is a unique and unexpected take on the Oriental style, sixth fragrance of the anthology collection presented by the house of D&G, this is a must-try fragrance.
La Force 11 by Dolce & Gabbana take the traditional Oriental style of warm spices with sweet vanilla and sets it on its head by adding cypress notes in the heart and a sharp note of caraway seeds in the base.
The fragrance is cool and was dedicated to people who are strong and temperamental and looking for urban and powerful scents to reflect their character.The result is a cool, breathtakingly crisp, and crackling scent. Each phase in its development has a unique feel. Powerful unisex mixture of gourmand spicy cinnamon, allspice and rich bourbon vanilla. oh lala…