My Ultimate Weight Loss Journey 2


Update on my Journey thus far !

Today is Saturday – 16th November 2019 and if you remember i started my weight loss journey in September. My previous weight 77kg, dropped to 71kg after 1 month and half of going to the gym and also using the Forever C9 program …See details here…..

I lost around 6kg (13.3lbs) and i continued with a Ketogenic diet. If you have been following me on Instagram, you probably already seen my stories, showing the transformation over the last period …See Instagram story here… to catch up.

An update about how it felt during the 9 days detox program
Day 1 – Felt No change, didn’t feel hungry either
Day 2 – Still very active, No food, No salt/sugar. Still had so much energy, Lost 2.2kg after day 2.
Day 3 – 9 – 600cal meal added as dinner and I felt an extra push with more food, but at this time i have lost the bloats and only consumes healthy options (Salads, cooked meats, boiled veggies etc)

I must say that the detox is very effective and I could feel the cleans, the energy increase and the uplifted moods.
Leave me a comment if you tried or would like to try the Forever Clean 9 detox kit.

This November I decided to go back and purchase the supplements provided in the 9 days detox plan.

Forever Garcinia Plus

and the metabolic booster

Forever Therm

You can read more about this on Forever Living website 

In total the only supplement i am currently on is this 2 above, Fish Oil (omega-3) supplements and Vitamin D.

See first part of journal …

Stay with me on this journey as i reach my goal weight.

Disclaimer: This post does not in anyway replace or suggest professional or medical help or guide to your wightloss, this is entirely my journey and if you decide to try any of the steps / brands you do this on your own. Remember Forever C9 or any of the supplement mentioned is not recommended for Pregnant or Nursing Mothers.

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