My Ultimate Weight Loss Journey


A few weeks ago I decided the time has come to care of me and show myself much love…

My weight was now a bother and I needed to take control of my life once more, after a stressful period you always see things more clearer and have more time to concentrate on you. I tried comfort shopping to feel better but that just increased the anxiety as I also started to worry that about spending too much money and most of the things i didn’t need immediately.

Fast forward to the moment I concluded that keeping a live blog post journal for my recovery and weight loss journey will be great (only weight loss is important, not gonna bore you with sad tales) therefore, I make you all my accountability partners 🙂 and if i am able to shed the desired amount of weight, then you all can learn from it.

In this post i will share everything I try including Meal plan, Exercise and Supplements if any.
My goal is to loose around 35 – 40 lbs (18kg), according to my Body Mass Index (BMI) I am currently overweight.

You can calculate your Body Mass Index using this BMI Calculator

Here is the Plan:

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Progress pictures and videos will be shared daily on my Instagram page so follow me @Preciousladypreneur.

Before I begin the Ketogenic diet, I will be looking for more information regarding this and if you have tried it please feel free to leave me a comment. There are a lot of support groups on Facebook for Keto but that is why it is also hard to follow (TMI all over the place). My intention is to go with a simple diet plan that is repeated for a weak in other to save cost and be consistent.

Wish me luck and tag along with me on my Ultimate weight loss journey…

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