Pom-Pom Natural Cosmetics Vegan Skincare Made In Hungary | Budapest

pom-pom natural cosmetics- Boonhealthandbeauty.com
pom-pom natural cosmetics- Boonhealthandbeauty.com

haha I’m the #GirlOnAMission … Since I moved to Budapest I have been on an assignment to find beauty brands that are living up to their claims and dishing out healthy products that keeps you and the environment safe, cruelty and chemicals free. In December I was gifted a box of this beautiful Hungarian skincare brand and ‘Oh my world’ you could feel the naturalness even at first glance. The design is very basic, it smells like fresh vegetables, the oil feels so smooth, the soap is perfume free too.

This premium brand is called Pom-Pom, an all natural vegan products line, with at least one product for everyone including kids and for all skin types: normal, dry, oily, acne prone, combination, mature, irritated or sensitive. Check them out on POM-POM.HU  It is Founded by Friday Erika. 

POM-POM handmade Premium natural Cosmetics - Boonhealthandbeauty,com

Very handy packaging, minimal design, easy to use pumps/caps, food grade oils & 100% pure essential oils…
Price range: €€

The packaging does not come with an ingredient list so I can’t tell you what it contains, but with the claim of being 100% natural and the feel, your guess is as good as mine – It is natural.

On the webpage you can select price range but I would not advise that – just give them a try. Splurge for a good reason.

Since I received only a few items from my friend as gift, I went all out to find other products they have and more information about the brand for you, so if you moved to Budapest like me and now worried about where to get healthy natural product then here you go. this may be one of many and i am excited to find this information for you.

If you get to try anything from Pom-Pom please share a review with us, from me for now i’m loving the experience and feel of Pom-Pom kézzel készített prémium natúr kozmetikumok

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My favorite Pom-Pom product is the Harmatcsepp Börmegújitó Arcszérum Q10-Zel which simply means Dew Drops Renewal Face Serum Q10-Weed …
Pom-Pom is first on our list and we hope you like it too.

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