Top Guide To Living in Budapest for Africans

Black Girl to Living In Budapest
Answers to the FAQs of Black Girls in Budapest, where to buy Nigerian Food, African things and where to get you hair done. Recommended online shops and places to shop hair and beauty supplies in Budapest
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There have been many questions coming my way from ladies and even men living in Budapest, most of which are beauty related, others are lifestyle, religion, how to handle the change of weather, how difficult is it to settle in, where to get African hairstyles and products or just about being black and living abroad…

This post is aimed at answering as many of these questions as possible, I will also add links to places / stores where you can buy most of the things you need, I suggest you bookmark this post as it will be very useful for you or someone you know.

How safe is Hungary?

Hungary is safe enough. Budapest is so much fun, the city does not sleep, it’s safe even at night, but a little cautiousness will not be in vain. Not heard of any major issues around town so it is quite safe.

How do Hungarians react to you as a black girl?

Well, this varies and it will not be fair to judge the entire country with the attitude of a few.. my best advise will be that while in Budapest hang with the right crowd also after a few episode of people staring you will no longer feel weird about it. You can also check the blog of my Friend Starr : Black Girl In Budapest for more touristic information.

Are there any Black/African/Afro Hairstylist in Budapest?

Yes, we have a lot of hair stylist that can do almost every kind of hairstyle. On Facebook we have a group called Black Girl Hair Budapest  <<Follow link and join group, on the group you simple need to mention what kind of hairstyle you need to make and you will be contacted by the Hairstylist or you can check the resource list for a contact, so everything from Braids, Crochet, Fixing weavons, Making Wigs, Making Children hair, Ghana weaving, Cornrows, Straw curls etc… The group is growing and more stylists are springing up. So you can get your African Hairstyles made in Budapest.
**Update – you should totally have a look at the resource list within the group as now the community is bigger and it is beyond just beauty, you can find English teachers, retailers and other kinds of information and contacts.

Are There Good Nail Technicians?

Yes, the city is filled with many nail studios, practically every mall has a nail studio, challenge here is that every appointment needs to be booked almost 2 weeks prior, so you can’t really get an express nail services here unless you have a personal contact with a nail technician, But there are nail technicians on the Facebook group that can fix you up even on the shortest notice. There is Totally Smitten on on the group and Instagram who is nail tech and also a wig retailer/maker.

Can I Get Hair Supplies ?

Yes you can get hair supplies but just the basics ones, there a few Indian/African/Pakistani shops around the 4-6 line, between Harmincekettesek tere and Blaha Lujza ter. You can find expression attachments for 2000 Hungarian Forints, some oil, and hair products, for those who need hair relaxers you can also find there. If you use special hair products especially for nappy hair you may not find them and you will have to order online. I will share a few links that I have used to purchase hair supplies.
Good news: You can now but Cantu hair products from Müller drugstore.

For special hair products like Cantu, Shea moisture, Aunt jackie, Eco styler, Roots, Creme of Nature, TGIN, Vitale etc you can mostly find them online on amazon.

Where Can I Find African Food?

There are a few African food vendors within the city of Budapest depending on what you seek. There is Lagos Bufe on Nepshinhaz utca 42, District VIII, this is specific to Nigerian Food, there is another Nigerian food place at Rakoczi ter, Blaha and the environs, there are also restaurants from other nations, So your taste buds are covered… if you love the kitchen you can also find the condiments to whip up a storm of African foods.



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