Top Guide To Living in Budapest for Africans 2

FAQs of Black Girls Living in Budapest
Hair Supplies, Beauty Supplies, African Food, Starting a business etc...
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Still on finding African food in Budapest… There are other places that make and sell African food, there is a Cameroonian place off Erzebert Körút, there is an Ethiopian place I stumbled on this one from google.

See the first part of this blog post for details about the African Stores like Kasmir Bazaar & Kohinoor Bazaar

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Where Can I Ammend My Cloths / Shoes ?

Initially my thought was Hungary is not big on the skills and vocational training like it is in Africa or even the USA, so there are not many places to adjust cloths, shoes, bags etc… it almost feels like once your apparel gets damaged you discard it but that is not very sustainable, or if it’s too big you trade it on the Facebook marketplace. ***but I got some helpful tip from a friend about this*** Read Below.

Hungary actually has quite a few places where you can get clothes mended or adjusted – it struck me that they have so many compared to my country of origin. Some of them are in the malls (I’ve seen them at Duna Plaza and at West End) and others are just on the street – maybe not in the heart of downtown though. I know of one woman who does incredible work with fixing clothes that have signs of wear and tear and I say this as the mother of boys who rip holes in their pants (especially knees) in a heartbeat. The (usually) ladies are called “varrónő” and can save your pocket and the planet with their work. The same goes for cobblers “cipész.” I’ve only fixed handbags zippers so can’t vouch for general handbag work but  shoes for sure! They can fix heels, change soles etc.

And if I may make one last suggestion, I think a big part of adjusting to life in Hungary as a black foreigner is learning Hungarian. It helps not only to get around but to create a sense of comfort and even belonging. 

A helpful Friend ~ Mrs M.

Budapest and Hungary as a whole is a bed of opportunities for career starters because a lot of top companies are setting up offices here, but for small and medium scaled business it’s a bit tricky, as I have heard mixed reviews from other expats and friends who ventured. If you are interested in starting a business here I will suggest you speak to a “Hungarian lawyer” who knows the way around the rules and can break down the processes to you. Based on demand that I have seen here there are quite a lot of skills needed, so if you are a good handyman/woman you have a potential here, cleaning business is a big thing also so if you have the skills or intentions to open a cleaning company – go for it, home makeovers and renovations, so interior designers have a market too, plumbing too but remember that all above requires a fair understanding of the Hungarian Language or a partner that is Hungarian. For the Black community there is a lot of skills needed here, a good Barber Shop, A Spa or Facial place suited to black skin as this is not available, so if beauty is your thing, then there is a market for you perhaps we can partner, you just need to do a good job and the words will spread. A cobbler is also needed, A good tailor who doesn’t mind the patch jobs like adjust clothes to fit. I have a seen a few tailoring companies in Budapest but they are mainly runway, high street fashion designers and are not interested in small jobs so if you have the skill don’t hide it… you could be gathering the million drops of coins.

In the part 1 of the this blog post, I already mentioned a few things about getting hair supplies, here is more information about general beauty suplies.

Excluding the African stores that have only a selective items, some good beauty products can be purchased at Bijo Trade Store, DM, Muller & Rossmann. Here are a few items that rarely/not sold in Budapest.

Aunt Jackie’s Hair Care Set
Oh so clean, In control, Curl La La, Knot On My Watch
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Are There English Churches In Budapest?

YES, there is big community of English churches here, I am catholic so I attend Mass at the St Stephen Basilica usually on Sundays around 4:30pm in the main hall. Join the Facebook group: English Mass Budapest, There is also Riverside Church Budapest usually Sunday mornings from 9/10am, there is RCCG Budapest, You can also find a Baptist church with services from 10am. So for sure we have a lot of church in different denomination.

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