Try This Useful List Of Whole-30 Ideas

Whole-30 challenge idea 2019

I am so sure you made a few plans at the beginning of the year but if you are looking for a plan that will get you hitting your goals this year, this month, here is a few thing you can try to reset your habits and get back on track.

Whole-30 could be used for any kind of plan, Beauty, Diet, Fitness, Meditation, Reading etc. It is like a cleanup habit and because humans adapt to things with repetition after 30-days of continuous practice you can change a lot of things including a behavioral pattern.

  • Whole-30 Korean Skincare Routine
  • Whole-30 Yoga Training
  • Whole-30 Half an hour walk
  • Whole-30 Reading a page a day
  • Whole-30 Learning a new word
  • Whole-30 Write a Love note to that special one
  • Whole-30 Drinking 8 glasses of water
  • Whole-30 Days of Sugar free eating
  • Whole-30 Sitting Outdoors for an hour in summer
  • Whole-30 Using no makeup (Bareface)
  • Whole-30 Creating no waste
  • Whole-30 Meditating for 20 minutes
  • Whole-30 Practicing a musical instrument
  • Whole-30 Applying treatments to grow your edges

It is quite a challenge to go through 30 days of a new habit and that is why most people pick a 7 day / 5 day / 3 day challenge, as it may be easier to follow through, so if you would like to reset and learn or unlearn anything – Whole-30 is the way to go. Let me know which one you find useful and would like to try.