What To Do Or Not To Do At The Asia Center Budapest

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Asia Center Budapest Hungary
Typically Asia centers are full of Chinese stuff… Directions plus map included below.

Once in a while I look for an activity that gives me an adrenaline rush and last weekend was one of those days so I decided to Go-Carting at the G1 Asia GoKart Center, the Go Cart company recently moved from the old location to this center and that was good for me, because I got the chance to checkout the Asia Center that I heard mixed reviews about. So here we go…

What To Do!

If you are looking for a good bargain on some cloths, accessories, shoes, cosmetics and even food then this is your place, everything and I mean literally everything is cheaper here than in any mall, plaza or store. The stylishly built center has 2 wings – Nyugati (West) & Keleti (East) wing. One thing I noticed is that in the East wing you will find majorly cloths, bags, shoes and all kinds of fashion pieces while on the West wing you will find mostly perfumes, cosmetics and groceries plus some of the things that appear on Facebook ads with a countdown asking you to purchase now…haha… so figure out which wing you will like to start.
Another major thing to do is to take cash with you because as big as the center is, it will shock you to know that no single store accepts payment by card, perhaps a policy because the second Asian market by Kobanyai ut 1087 don’t accept cards too.
If you don’t speak Hungarian (Magyar) go with a friend that speaks, Even though some sellers may understand English they will pretend not to, This way they create a frustration when it comes to pricing/bargaining.

When you are going to the Asia center for shopping Don’t bother asking for a receipt after a purchase because they do not have.
When you buy an item check it properly and Do not let the seller go away to pack the item (better safe than sorry since you have no receipt to prove your purchase).
When you enter a store and the items have a price tag in most cases you can still bargain for less (you will win if your bargaining skills are on point but be careful, some people may not be in the mood for a bargaining
customer or I will say knowing when to bargain and when not to is Wisdom).
When you feel hungry there are small food stalls outside the building but there is a food court within the building that is almost not patronized or perhaps i went on a wrong day but good news some food vendors use a POS machine but again be sure you know the amount they have entered on the machine before you pay because again – No receipt just your debit alert – If you have.
If you Do not speak Hungarian (Magyar) Do not go alone.
Do not go to any Asia Center or even any market anywhere in the world looking bougie, if you are looking to bargain, this will fail you, seller tend to up prices based on appearance.

Depending on where you are coming from the middle point will be Blaha Lujza tér from there you have 4 bus options (7E. 8E, 108E & 133E) all in the direction of Újpalota, Nyírpalota út usually it’s between 10 -12 stops.
Once you alight, from the bus stop the Asia Center will be staring at you from a 800 meter distance to the Left side, you can’t miss it.

I hope this few findings of mine will help your experience at the Asia Center Budapest, If you needed something from China I suggest you first check the Asia center but that also can be hard with the variety of things there. If you find this useful, please leave me a comment, like & share.



  1. PS: You are not allowed to take pictures from where I took mine ….
    Well I didn’t know until after I tried to change my pose and the security came on a motorbike to ask me down. So it’s a Not to do.